Mulled wine according to Herbert

We would like to introduce you to another way of using our syrups so that you can prepare a fantastic mulled wine. The steps are very simple to follow and these mulled wines will definitely be welcomed after a day of skiing or even when you're at home snug under a blanket.

Recipes make about 1 l of mulled wine.

Thyme cooked wine

4 cl Tymian syrup & lemon
50 cl dry white wine
4 cl white rum
8 cl mead
20 cl water
fresh / dried thyme, slices of lemon

Raspberry cooked wine

Ingredients :
5 cl Malina & Rose syrup
50 cl semi-dry rose wine
4 cl vodka
20 cl water
fresh raspberries, pink pepper, rosemary, vanilla pod

Spicy cooked wine

Ingredients :
4 cl Slice & Raspberry Syrup
50 cl dry red wine
8 cl port
4 cl vodka
20 cl water

cinnamon, badian/star anise, rosemary, slices of dried oranges


It is important to not combine the alcohol with the other ingredients right from the start because this can cause the alcohol to evaporate. You should first pour clean water into a pot along with the spices, dried fruits, and herbs and bring this all to a boil. After approximately 2 minutes of cooking, reduce the heat and gradually add the syrup, the wine and the alcohol. As soon as the liquid begins to boil, remove it from heat and serve it.

Thank you for your photos Grus Grus

Photographed at  Zelený kríček

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