Herbert ice cream Lavender & Blueberries

This will show you how to prepare a refreshing ice cream at home. We chose the Lavender & Blueberries syrup and the result was as great as the from Sonička from Gio Caffé could be expected. The procedure is simple and the raw materials available. Let’s go, do not wait this summer!

For 1kg sorbet we will need:
350g blueberries
350ml of water
juice from two lemons
185ml Herbert Lavender & Blueberry Syrup

1. Put raw materials together into one container (ideally higher)

2. We mix everything together

3. Zmes precedíme cez sitko, aby sme sa zbavili väčších čučoriedkových šupiek, (pokojne z nich malú časť primiešajte naspať – spravia zmrzlinu vizuálne zaujímavejšou)

4. There are two options:
a) If you have a home-made ice-cream, mix it up and set a program suitable for making non-alcoholic sorbets

b) If you do not have the ice-cream, simply pour the mixture into a stainless steel or plastic container and put it in the freezer for 3-4 hours.
– In this case, to get the texture of the ice cream, we recommend that every half-hour through the fork

All done! Ours have done great. We hold our fingers to get you out.

Yes, that’s really all! ????

Photocredits: Martina Antalová.

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