Herbert’s hot recipe: Ginger & Camomile

After the classic combination of Ginger & Hibiscus, we also found a way to our recipe for winter limited version of ginger syrup with camel.

Since we love ginger, we also wanted to create a bland version of it. For those who want to enjoy the delicate taste and smell of camels, fresh ginger, lemon grass and bee honey combined in cane sugar, this syrup is a balsam for the soul.


Preparing all recipes is very simple and fast. You just want to make up and especially to drink it all!

All recipes are mixed at the same dilution ratio of 1:10 as with cold lemonade. It is recommended to heat up water to hot beverages up to 80 ° C to avoid burning.

Also, do not hesitate to eat fresh herbs, slices of fresh or dried fruit and so adjust the beverage to your liking and taste. Simply put all ingredients into the glass, smear them with hot water, shake, dare and good in the world!



4cl boron / dry gin
2cl syrup Ginger & Grape
2cl citric juice
lemon peel

Add a bowl or gin, lemon juice and syrup to the cooled Long Cup. Add ice and pour soda. Stir with a lemon peel, garnish with slices of ginger and a bunch of sage.


Kamila drink can be prepared in other variations. It depends only on your taste!

Variation 2

4 cl of pine
3 cl of Ginger & Ginger syrup
½ marakuje
20 cl of hot water

ginger slice, lemon grass

Variation 3

4 cl of mead or bee
2 cl of Ginger & Ginger syrup
1 cl of lemon juice
1 cl of honey
20 cl of hot water

dried lemon, ginger slice


Hot Kamila

5cl dry gin
2.5cl Ginger & Grape syrup
2cl citric juice
10 cl of water
fresh ginger
slices of lemon

Pour all the ingredients into a kettle and pour into a warm cup. Add ginger cut into slices, lemon wheels and serve.


Nealwick lovers can be inspired by our mixed drinks or choose the way of a simple drink, for which we really need only a few basic ingredients.

Hot Ginger & Ginger (3dcl)

Pour 3 cl of syrup into a warm cup and pour hot water. Add the ginger cut into slices, lemon juice and serve.

Ginger-Ginger Lemonade (0.5l)

Pour 4 cc of syrup into a full ice cube and add it to the water. Stir well, add ginger and sliced lemon. Served with a cup.


Thank you for photos: Nora a Jakub Čaprnkovci

Photographed at Pán Králiček coffe in Bratislava.

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