Herbert’s hot recipes: Ginger & Hibiscus

Ginger and hibiscus is a typical winter combination that warms everyone. One of our first syrups is distinctive with its taste, color and is made for long winter evenings.

This lifebudget, which kicks your metabolism, has succeeded in creating a combination of fresh ginger, dried hibiscus flowers, cinnamon and Moroccan mint. Refreshing in the summer and warm in the warm version in winter! But if you do not want to restrict yourself to classic lemonade, check out our recipe. Inside, you can find inspiration for creating several mixed drinks.



Preparation is very simple and fast. All recipes are mixed in the same dilution ratio as for cold lemonade (1:10). We recommend warming the water to hot drinks at 80 ° C to avoid burning. Also do not hesitate to eat fresh herbs, slices of fresh or dried fruit and so adjust the beverage according to your choices, but especially the taste.

Finally, add all the ingredients to the glass, pour hot water, stir, decorate and good in the world!


We’ve just prepared some alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes for you. Just taste it!


2cl Ginger & Grape syrup
5cl Irish whiskey
1 cl of citric juice
10cl of water
ginger, hibiscus flower

Variation 2

3 cl whiskey
3 cl Ruby Red Porto
2 cl of Ginger & Grape syrup
15 cl of hot water
dried ginger, dried grapefruit and rosemary

Variation 3

3 cl rum
2 cl of red wine
3 cl of Ginger & Grape syrup
3 cl of red grapefruit juice
20 cl of hot water

We heat all the raw materials in the can and precede the preheated glass. At the edge of the cup / cup we add a slice of ginger sprinkled with hibiscus and served.



BakulatorFizz (2dcl)

2cl Ginger & Grape syrup
5cl Irish whiskey
1cl of lime juice
10cl soda
fresh ginger
hibiscus flower

Whisk, syrup and lime juice pour into a cooled glass, add ice and ginger. Add the soda, stir, decorate with mint, hibiscus flower and serve.



Hot Ginger & Hibiscus (3dcl)

Add 3 cl of syrup to the preheated cup and pour in hot water at a ratio of 1:10. Stir, add ginger slice, hibiscus flower and serve.

Ginger-hibiscus lemonade (0,5l)

Pour 4 cc of syrup into a full ice cube, add fresh ginger / hibiscus flower and add water. Stir, garnish with ginger, hibiscus flower and serve with a glass.




Thank you for photos: Nora a Jakub Čaprnkovci

Photographed at the Pán Králiček cafe in Bratislava.

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