Herbert’s hot recipe: Maté & Mäta

They will revive and wake up to life – even so is Maté & mäta. One of the most popular syrups in our offer, however, tastes not only as an ice drink but also as a hot mixed drink.


Lemonade or a hot drink from this syrup is a natural alternative to drinking coffee or synthetic energy drinks. Syrup of high-quality Mauritius cane sugar is literally packed with fresh mint, Moroccan dried mint and yerba maté. It provides plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to guarantee your body and mind start. Whenever you need it.


Preparing all recipes is very simple and fast. You just want to make up and especially to drink it all!
All recipes are mixed at the same dilution ratio of 1:10 as with cold lemonade. It is recommended to heat up water to hot beverages up to 80 °C to avoid burning.

Also, do not hesitate to eat fresh herbs, slices of fresh or dried fruit and so adjust the beverage to your liking and taste. Simply put all ingredients into the glass, smear them with hot water, shake, dare and good in the world!




3 cl of Maté & mäta syrup
5 cl spiced rum
2 cl lime juice
20 cl of hot water

fresh mint, dried lime

Variation 2

2 cl of Maté & mäta syrup
4 cl rum
2 cl Bentianny
20 cl of hot water

fresh mint, dried oranges, whole cinnamon

Variation 3

3 cl of Maté & mäta syrup
4 cl gin
3 cl of red grapefruit juice
20 cl of hot water

fresh mint, dried red grapefruit


Nonalkoholic lovers can be inspired by our mixed beverages or choose the way of a simple drink, for which we really need only a few basic ingredients.

Hot Mate & mint (3dcl)

Pour 3 cl of syrup into a warm cup and pour hot water. Add fresh mint, lemon and serve.

Mate-mint lemonade (0,5l)

Pour 4 cc of syrup into a full ice cube and add it to the water. Stir well, add fresh mint and sliced lemon slices. Serve with taste!


Thank you for photos: Nora a Jakub Čaprnkovci.

Photographed at the Pan Králiček cafe in Bratislava.

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