In case you didn't know, our syrups are fantastic and can be enjoyed hot.

In a series of recipes that we have prepared for you on our blog, we will introduce some proven combinations in alcohol and non-alcoholic versions. The first one is for the Herbert classic of Thyme & Lemon. This is a pleasant winter combination that warms you up when you need it the most and cools you down whenever the situation requires it.


Making these drinks is quick and easy. You don't need any special training or education. You just need to make them and, most importantly, drink them!

All recipes are mixed at the same dilution ratio of 1:10 as with our cold lemonade recipes. We recommend that you heat the hot water to a maximum of 80 ° C to avoid burning yourself.
Also, do not hesitate to reach for fresh herbs, slices of fresh or dried fruit and fine-tune the drink according to your taste and liking. Just put all the ingredients in a glass, pour hot water over the ingredients, stir, decorate and goodness is born!

The process is not at all complicated. Just put all the ingredients in a glass, pour hot water over the ingredients, stir, decorate and goodness is born!


Thyme Punch (2 cl)

1.5 cl Thyme & Lemon syrup
4 cl of brown rum (also UM!)
1.5 cl lemon juice
9 cl water
dried lemon
fresh thyme

Pour rum, liqueur, syrup and juice into a kettle and bring to a boil. Pour into a warm cup or glass, add thyme, dried lemon and serve.


Of course, you can also prepare a non-alcoholic version. It tastes just about as delicious as the one with alcohol!

Hot Thyme & Lemon (3 dcl)

Pour 3 cl of Thyme & Lemon syrup into a warm cup and pour in hot water at a ratio of 1:1. Add dried lemon and fresh thyme and serve.

Thyme-lemon lemonade (0.5 l)

Pour 4 cl of Thyme & Lemon syrup into a carafe full of ice and pour water all the way to the top. Stir and mix with fresh thyme or add 1 dcl of orange juice (this is a really refreshing touch). Served in a glass.


Thank you for the photos: Nora a Jakub Čaprnkovci

Photographed at the Pan Králiček cafe in Bratislava.

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