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That Herbert are syrups that bring a great many different flavors of tasty beverages, we have already shown you. However, what about the idea of Herbert as part of a tasty cake? In a series of blogs, we bring you a new look at the use of Herbert not only in beverages.

It is a great pleasure for us to be the first in our series to be a long-haired girlfriend, but especially an incredibly handsome girl who has built her business for the love of little cakes. Lucia Gažová, confectioner and owner of Lulus bakery. She just admitted, apart from the way she started, her secret ingredient that made her cakes also irresistible and prepared a recipe for a great raspberry cake, created for a cold December.

How did it all (Lulus Bakery)?

About 4 to 5 years ago, I was attracted by macronas because they were very nice and because I could not find them anywhere, so I decided to do it at home. And basically I fell in love with them and I still do them to this day.

Where do you get ideas for such great cakes?

I do not even know. Ideas are the same, but great inspiration is mainly people around me, like family, friends or, for example, you, boys from Herbert, whom I adore for what they are doing. Recently I have also inspired the Adi of Jedlých kvetov, which still brings me new and new specialties from his farm, which I then experiment with.

So what is the charm of your cakes?

Even though it should remain the secret of the chef, it is thanks to the love I secretly add to them, but also thanks to your syrup. When Mário talked about them earlier, I fell in love with the idea of adding them to my cakes. In particular, the flavor of Raspberry & Rose has become my favorite and most used because no one would expect it in the cake.

When did the idea come to write a book?

It can be said that from the very beginning I decided to run Lulus, I was playing with the idea of writing my own book. One day the people from the publishing house stopped at me, and so it all came. But it took me longer than I thought (hahaha) because I could only do it after work.

What do you plan for the future?

I want to dedicate my blog and videos now, but I also want to eat a lot and enjoy our customers’ pies.

Have you prepared one of your favorite tortillas for us, will you tell us a recipe?

Of course. One of the most popular cakes not only for me and my loved ones, but also for my customers. A delicate body, a fluffy, not too sweet cream, a hint of refreshing dessert fruit, the taste of which gently rises the rose, thanks to the amazing Raspberry & Rose syrup. Ideal for chilly days or just for sitting in a circle close. Decorated is suitable for any celebration and occasion, I have already told them hundreds. They always enjoyed everything and especially made a great joy.

Recipe: preparation 40 minutes, baking 40 minutes, serving 12,
form 24 cm

6 eggs
220 g of smooth flour
120 g of crystal sugar
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
pinch of salt
1/2 baking powder

400 g mascarpone
200 g of fine curd
100 ml whipped cream
100 g of powdered sugar
1 vanilla pod
400 g of raspberries
3 spoons of water
3 tablespoons of Herbert syrup Raspberry & Rose

Procedure: We will prepare a cake form with a diameter of 24 cm, the bottom will be ejected with baking paper to prevent the body from sticking. Hook up the sides with the butter and sprinkle with the flour. The tube is set to 155 degrees.
In the kitchen robot, we take 6 white beans together with a crystal sugar on a solid snow. In another bowl, we mix the egg yolks, salt and coconut oil into the smooth mass.
Put the prepared blue snow into the largest bowl, add the yolk mixture to it and slowly mix the two mixtures in one direction with a slow, circular motion. Finally, slowly squeeze the smooth baking powder with the baking powder and slowly and gently into one of the eggs. The resultant dough is fluffy, only very slightly liquid. Pour it into the prepared baking mold and bake in the oven for about 40 minutes. The cake is baked when it has a golden touching solid surface. Each body is tested with a lace before pulling out of the oven. If it gets clean in the middle of the corpus, we’re done.

Cream: Cream preparation is extremely simple – mascarpone, curd, cream, sugar and vanilla are put in the kitchen robot and whipped cream. When the cream is ready, put it in the refrigerator – the harder it will be, the better it will work with.
Raspberries may be frozen or fresh, the result will be excellent either. 300 g of fruit will be prepared by the side, we will fill it with a cake. Mix the remaining 100 g of fruit with a dip mixer, add 2 tablespoons of water and Herbert syrup. With this juice, we will polish the corpus to make the torch beautifully moist.

Remove the chilled cabinet from the cake mold and shred it twice with a saw blade. Spread the bottom of the corpus with the fruit juice and apply 1/3 of the vanilla cream. On the cream we set the forest fruits, the more, the better! Flip the fruit with the second part of the body and repeat the procedure. Finally, put the last part of the body and the remaining cream at the end to match the edges of the cake around to be exactly according to our idea.
Finish finished cake with fruits, flowers, macaroni, or candies.

You can watch Lulu on instagram as where you can enjoy its creations;)

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