Pohoda 2017 - The program

The Pohoda 2017 Festival is on the door and it is time to get to know you with the upcoming program. This year, we have a lot of news and specialties for the lovers of our syrups to make the atmosphere of the festival more enjoyable. You can enjoy a wide variety of tastes and experiences.

At this year’s “Pohoda” we go with a more spacious tent and a lot of treats for your comfort and maximum satisfaction. Guaranteed shelter from hot sunshine will provide you with shades where you can comfortably sit with friends and enjoy great drinks directly from our bar, excellent Gastro food or relax at the waterfront. To keep it small, we also have original ice crystals. You can use your embrace for total cooling.

http://www.herbert.sk/J#$@ to HANDS will be replaced by Grepič & Bombič wine specialists. Grepič is a grape madness from Fajnové-ho basic wine, Staskin’s base syrup, grapefruit, soda and fresh basil. The Bomb’s taste is made up of rosé wine, Malina & Rose syrup, soda, raspberry puree and fresh mint. This “twin” will definitely kick you in our “pool” bar and refresh it at the same time.


Among other things, a couple of great people have been added to show us something of their fate. You will be introduced to Traditional Dutch wafers, Fajnové bazové, Edible Flowers and Sisha Bar. From early morning to late evening, our colleagues from Rusty Nails in Brno will prepare great coldbrew and espresso coffee.


For Lovers Lovers who like to have a good water smoke, Shisha is right from the Zeleného kríčku chalice. I will offer you a selection of first-class flavored tobacco prepared on coconut carbons. In the special zone reserved for this bar you will be able to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the festival full of breaths.

The Wafliks have prepared genuine traditional Dutch waffles for you to enrich the taste of coffee. All those who love sweet pleasure do not forget to stop in our tent and taste their fragrant creations.


This year we have prepared a workshop for you by our good friend and herbalist Aďa of Edible Flowers. You are familiar with the world of herbs, edible flowers, exteriors and home plants. You will learn how to cultivate and care for yourself properly and what effects each of them has for our body.


Besides interesting information, you can also take your own herb, but it has a hook. You will have to take it for the duration of the festival. On the last day, all the herbs that survived will be distributed by their caring owners. In order not to misunderstand them, you can mark them by name and take a memo that will go home with you and remind you of this year’s Pohoda 2017 festival.

We look forward to meeting you under our tent. For more fresh news right from the festival, watch our Facebook event Herbert syrups on Pohode 2017

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