Ginger & Camomile

  • Contens: sugar, water, ginger, real cucumber, citric acid, lemon grass
  • We love ginger so much that we wanted to create another syrup featuring it. This time the ginger is milder. If you enjoy the delicate taste and aroma of chamomile, the zest of fresh ginger and lemon grass, and the sweetness of honey mixed with cane sugar, this syrup is a balm for the soul.
  • Ideal ratio: Ideal ratio 1:10. The resulting sediment is not harmful; it is a natural part of the product. Store in cool place. Country of origin: Slovakia. After opening, use up to 30 days.
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic cold drinks Alcoholic and non-alcoholic hot drinks Cooking and food preparation


Herbert Lemonades


Fill up a 1-litre jar with ice, pour syrup, add fruits and herbs, top up with water or soda and stir thoroughly. Garnish with herb sprigs, fruit slices, citrus peels or dried fruit.


Dilution ratio

1 L jug          8 cl of syrup

1⁄2 L jug         4 cl of syrup

3 dl glass     2.5 cl of syrup

Herbert Alconades


Fill up a glass with ice, add syrup and alcohol. Choose the type of alcohol according to the flavour of the syrup. Top up with water or soda, add syrup, stir and garnish. We recommend adding citrus juice to soften the taste of the alcohol you have used and give you a perfectly balanced flavour combination.


Dilution ratio

1 l jug            8 cl syrup        12 cl alcohol

1⁄2 l jug           5 cl syrup        6 cl alcohol

3 dc glass     2.5 cl syrup    4 cl alcohol

  • Seasonal flavor
    Anastacia’s elderflower

    Anastacia’s elderflower

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    Jasmine & Orange

  • Ginger & Hibiscus

    Ginger & Hibiscus

  • Seasonal flavor
    Cucumber & Lime

    Cucumber & Lime

  • Raspberry & Rose

    Raspberry & Rose

  • Lavender & Blueberry

    Lavender & Blueberry

  • Thyme & Lemon

    Thyme & Lemon

  • Ginger & Camomile

    Ginger & Camomile

  • Basil & Green pepper

    Basil & Green pepper

  • Mate & Mint

    Mate & Mint

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