Naturally, our syrup craft is mainly associated with bars and gastronomy. For years we have been part of the biggest festivals, private and community events, and nonprofit projects at home and abroad. In the summer you can be refreshed by our popular alconades or lemonades and in the winter you can warm up with grogs or hot drinks.

Company parties

Do you want to go all out for your company party? Whether it’s an annual party, a new business launch, or any other special event, we’re here for you. Every corporate event needs a good bar to make the party a party. Of course, one of our experienced bartenders will be making all the drinks for your employees or clients to leave a lasting impression.


If you want your wedding to be unique, we’d love to help. Let our bartenders prepare a special drink menu and personalized bar just for you. With our lemonades and mixed drinks, your wedding day will be perfect and your guests will relish it all the more. 

Community events

For years we have taken part in various community events. These events are very near and dear to us with many of our team members spending their free time volunteering for non-profit organizations. We collaborate with several organizations such as Kubík nápadov, Vedomá Trnava and Bronco n.o., by providing hands-on help or by making drinks at concerts and exhibitions. We appreciate everyone who tries to make a positive contribution to society. 


We are a young team of bartenders who really enjoy working at bars. That's why we are more than happy to work at various summer festivals. In 2014, we took part in the Grape Music Festival for the first time and it started our festival journey. In 2015, 2016 and 2017 we participated in the Pohoda festival. You can also find us at other festivals all around Slovakia such as Uprising, Drienok and a number of smaller festivals. 

Our bars

Each year we prepare a new series of DIY bars. Since each bar is made by hand, we can adjust its dimensions to suit the requirements of the space and the character of the event. We are able to adapt our bar to be able to fit a cosier and more intimate ambience as well as make it suitable for big events with a large number of guests.

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